"Voters want to know if the candidates running for office have integrity and assertions made by candidates regarding their resume are factual. CandidateVerification provides these assurances to the voters." 

                 Duane Davidson, Washington State Treasurer-Elect

 "Candidate Verification ensures the transparency and accountability of all candidates running for office. For me, the process was so simple, I filled out my information and my credentials were verified. This is so important so that there is no question in the voters minds. When it came to endorsing organizations, Candidate Verification also played a big role. There were many organizations that endorsed only candidates who used the verification process. Thank you Candidate Verification for being so instrumental in campaign and making this process so easy."

                 Holly Cousens, Candidate, Yakima City Council District 7

"Working with Candidate Verification was very easy -- I filled in my information and let them do the work. It gave me great comfort to know that my credentials were verified as 100% accurate so there was no question in voters' minds. I think Candidate Verification should be mandatory for local endorsing organizations so that academic credentials and criminal backgrounds are fully disclosed before people are asked to vote."

                  Sandy Brown, Candidate, Seattle City Council District 5  

"With so much misinformation associated with campaigns, it is reassuring to know where to look for the facts.  Thank you  CandidateVerification!"  

                  Jane Hague, King County Councilmember 

 "In this campaign I am beginning to receive positive feedback from participating in Candidate Verification.  I am glad to have my record vetted so voters in the 9th District race can have a thorough and impartial review of their choices." 

                  Mary Dye (R), Candidate for State House, 9th LD 

 "CandidateVerification ensures that people running for office are accountable and can be trusted. I appreciate the verification personally and reassurance that others willing to serve have integrity too.”

                 Teri Hickel (R), Candidate for State House, 30th LD

 "As an everyday ordinary citizen who chose to stand for elective office to be a citizen legislator I was reassured to know that there was an organization out there to provide the imprimatur akin to the well-respected "Good Housekeeping seal" for my candidacy.  Now voters can be confident that the candidate is who they said they are, possesses the academic scholarship and diplomas, and the work history that they claim.  I want my supporters to have no doubt as to who I am and what I have accomplished.  Your service delivered on all counts and persevered to get it right. David and Emily have the patience of saints and exhibited professionalism of the highest degree, while being ever cheerful and friendly. With the assistance of CandidateVerification/Talentwise my potential constituents will get the transparency every voter wants but few "politicians" want to provide.  As an independent third-party organization I fully trust CandidateVerification/Talentwise to authenticate my background and credentials and highly recommend this service to others who want to ensure the voters have a high degree of  confidence as they choose those who would represent them in government. Thank you."  

                 Sarina Forbes (R) 2014 Candidate for State Senate, District 36           

“CandidateVerification provides voters with the most accurate background checks possible when vetting candidates for public office, helping ensure those selected to represent our communities truly reflect our community values.”

                 Chad Magendanz (R) 2014 Candidate for Washington State House of Representatives, District 5            

"The Municipal League of King County, a non-partisan citizen watchdog organization, is using a new “CandidateVerification” service to assess the background of candidates. What you’ll find [...] is that I have accurately represented my professional and educational background and have no criminal record."

                  Joel Hussey (R) 2014 Candidate for Washington State House of Representatives, District 45

"CandidateVerification came through for me- it verified that I actually graduated when I said I did, had the job I said I did, and haven't been arrested lately. Boring, but reassuring...."

                  Ross Hunter (D) 2014 Candidate for Washington State House of Representatives, District 48

"I am happy to participate in the non-partisan process of CandidateVerification as a service to the voters I plan to represent. I believe it is essential that voters have confidence in the viability, and credibility, of the their choices for representation. I am grateful for the efforts of CandidateVerification in providing this valuable service to the voters. I encourage all candidates to participate in this process."

                  Paul Addis (L) 2014 Candidate for Washington State House of Representatives, District 36

"CandidateVerification is a great tool to do a security check on your elected official. We can't be sheople! We can't just accept a candidates sparkling speech full of self-proclamations and 50 word voter pamphlet statement. We need to take a close look at their background and their voting history."

                  Barry Knowles (R) 2014 Candidate for the Washington State House of Representatives, District 47 

"I think CandidateVerification is a useful tool to ensure that candidates are providing accurate information to the public regarding their campaigns."

                   John Stafford (D) 2014 Candidate for the Washington State Senate, District 37

"I think it's critical that everyone running for public office should be verified by CandidateVerification. We require this of those working in our daycare facilities, certainly we shouldn't expect any less from our politicians." 

                    Rodney Tom (D): Washington Senate Majority Leader

"CandidateVerification does an important service for campaigns and voters.  Their comprehensive and objective background check allows candidates to prove that they are honest, trustworthy people."

                     Brendan Kolding (D) Candidate for the Washington State House of Representatives, District 34

"In order to serve the people, we must first gain their trust. That includes demonstrating trustworthiness by disclosing a background check and verifying bona fides.  A CandidateVerification report is essential for presentation to the public and is an irrefutable safeguard in the world of politics if and when our character comes into question by 'anonymous sources'."

                      Niklas Putnam (I) Candidate for Nevada State Assembly District 25  

"CandidateVerification is an effective way to convey that you believe in accountability and SHOW it. Voters can rely on third party verification to confirm a candidate's education and credentials. How many times do we discover after the election's over that a candidate hasn't been forthcoming? As a voter and a candidate for office, I congratulate the service for its effort to bring integrity back to politics. The public should insist on truth in campaigning and ask every candidate to verify with CandidateVerification." 

                      Stacy Ryan (R) Candidate for Nebraska Legislature District 4

"When I decided to run for State Representative in the 2nd District in my home state of Illinois there were some obvious considerations. Time, effort and money are the norm, but I also thought about how I would be perceived not just by my family and friends but also by the residents of the district and the population at large. I wanted to distinguish myself from the 'common' politician in Illinois as I intend to be fully transparent. To that end I was delighted to work with David Doud and his team at CandidateVerification/Talentwise. I was granted the opportunity to verify my credentials and background through a trusted, independent 3rd party organization. Once my verification was completed, I was given the opportunity to have my report published on websites like Ballotpedia and Candidate Verification. I am happy to endorse the organization, the work they do and the process" 

                       Antonio D. Mannings (R): 2014 Candidate Illinois State House, 2nd District

"Voters deserve to know a little about the candidates who are running to represent them and one great way is through a background check.  That is why I was happy to submit to candidate verification and contribute money to the cause and I hope you do the same."

                        Jake Porter (L): 2014 Candidate For Iowa Secretary of State

"I encourage all candidates to participate in this. It makes a clear statement that you have nothing to hide!!!!!"

                        Joey Taylor (D): 2014 Candidate for Kentucky State House, 89th District

"The First Amendment protects most forms of speech, including the lies politicians tell. Thanks to my supporters can rest assured that what I tell them is the truth."

                        Briscoe Cain (R): 2014 Candidate for Texas State House, 129th District

"A candidate should model during the campaign what he or she will do when in office. Transparency started before I even filed for the campaign - it's been part of my life for 12 years as a nonprofit executive. So, when I came across a service that verifies a candidate's background, I thought you, the public, deserve this. So valuable a tool, I donated the cost back to the organization."                  

                        Jim Lewis: 2013 Candidate for City Council Long Beach, CA                                                               

"There's a lot of misinformation and always the rumors that are fiction, but, once told enough become true. Having an independent third party verify what is real and truthful is a giant step to having the public's faith restored in individuals running for public office. When a politician can be counted on to giving information, it is true and factual? I believe that ALL individuals running for any public office should be vetted by a third party. CandidateVerification will be a great benefit to any candidate's race to show the public that they have nothing to hide. I applaud the service and encourage members of the public to insist that anyone they know running for office to participate in using this service. Thank You, CandidateVerification."

                        Mike Clampitt (R): Candidate for North Carolina House of Representatives, 119th District


"Recently, I was asked by an endorsement committee if I would be willing to submit to a background check. I mentioned that I had been given the "green check" by CandidateVerification, and they said that was good enough for them. I enjoy telling people I meet at the door and on the phone that I have submitted to a background check. CandidateVerification offers a great service to the public and to candidates who are truly offering themselves to serve the public."

                         Essie Hicks (D): 2014 Candidate for Washington State House of Representatives, District 5