CandidateVerification Encourages all 2016 Candidates to Verify their Backgrounds

The resignation of Washington Rep. Graham Hunt, R-Orting, over dramatic misrepresentations of his military service provides yet another reminder for why the voting public needs a means of verifying the candidates’ resumes for public office.

“The exaggeration, misrepresentation and outright falsification of candidates’ backgrounds occur far too often in our elections, and the public usually learns of these deceptions long after the votes are cast,” said David Doud, executive director of CandidateVerification, a non-partisan, non-profit corporation that builds greater transparency in elections by inviting candidates to participate in a free background check. “Our process seeks to change that, and to bring to the election process a much-needed measure of confidence that candidates actually have the qualifications and experience they claim to have.”  

“Today, it’d be almost unimaginable to purchase a used car without consulting CARFAX, yet we’ve become accustomed to taking at face value the unverified claims of candidates for public office,” said Ron Dotzauer, a member of the CandidateVerification board. “How is it possible that we have greater confidence in the claims of used car sellers than in potential public officials? The public should demand more.”

Last year was a record year of participation and expansion for CandidateVerification. The group helped over 75 candidates from across the state verify their qualifications for the public offices they sought, and achieved participation of 90 percent of candidates in Spokane, 70 percent of candidates in Yakima, 60 percent of candidates in King County, and traction in Snohomish and Pierce counties.

“With election season kicking into high gear, the public will be assessing the qualifications of dozens of candidates for public office,” said Lisa Macfarlane, a member of the CandidateVerification board . “To eliminate any potential doubt in the voters’ minds about whether they are truly suited to hold public office, we encourage all political candidates in Washington to register with CandidateVerification.”  

CandidateVerification’s Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)-approved self-authorized background checks include a Multi-State Instant Criminal Check, a check of the National Sex Offender Registry, a Criminal Federal and County search (10-Year Address History), a Civil Federal and County search (10-Year Address History), as well as verification of key resume items such as education, employment, professional credentials, and military service records.  CandidateVerification also offers candidates a safe forum from which to disclose prior criminal convictions and other adverse information.

Contact Information: David Doud,, 4254401244