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Indian Wells candidate Craig Kelliher pulls out of race

Kelliher said he was also turned off by the “strong-arming” of Ed Doran, a local resident and editor of the online Indian Wells Times blog, to participate in a candidate verification program that requires a background check.

“I don’t have a problem with the verification. I have gone through background checks before,” said Kelliher. “I don’t feel like it’s right.”


Haddon Libby ·  Top Commenter · Writer at Coachella Valley Weekly
Desert Sun: Maybe he withdrew because of residents ( asking all of the candidates to give detailed resumes and submit that information to to confirm that information as well as making sure that they don't have other problematic things in their background. The three remaining candidates have all done that as well as Mayor Mertens. Doug Hanson and Ty Peabody have not. The better question that The Desert Sun should ask is why some do not want to be fully vetted? Indian Wells has three quality candidates remaining that will serve the City well.
  • Craig Kelliher · Indian Wells, California
    And maybe he didn't.
    Did you read the story? I have had background checks before and I don't have a problem with them.
  • Haddon Libby ·  Top Commenter · Writer atCoachella Valley Weekly
    Craig Kelliher : And maybe he did. We will never know as you didn't do it like the other candidates. If you don't like the "tone" of the race with verifications and such, why not run to change the tone of the City Council? I know Ed Doran well and he doesn't strong arm anyone. He simply wants to help the city have honest forthright people running. Your excuse is hollow and self-serving.
  • Haddon Libby ·  Top Commenter · Writer atCoachella Valley Weekly
    Craig Kelliher : Last time we had "upstanding" people running who had been involved in fraud and Ponzi schemes. What Ed is doing it helping to the City to avoid the embarrassment of other "upstanding" questionable characters running. You may not be one of them but we will never know. The little we know about you is that you had a chiropractor's license and then didn't and then were an equestrian chiropractor. We have more but then you aren't running so it doesn't matter.